Apr 14, 2009

blog dreams

I feel like I should apologize. Like you, my faithful readers [ha. ha.] want to hear about what I'm doing for exercise.

I have dreams for this blog you see. They may never be realized, but I dream them nonetheless. I dream of posting bits of a novel I'm in the midst of writing. I dream of chronicling my knitting projects from start to finish. I dream of composing beautiful prose designed to bring glory only to my Maker [though, in all honesty I also dream that people will find my humility in that venture inspiring which probably means I'm actually prideful].

All these dreams and nowhere to put them. Because this blog remains a mishmash of whatever is going on inside this brain that doesn't sit still.

Maybe I should dream of a day when there is just a bit more time to sit, write, knit, think, create. Maybe then these dreams will come to fruition.