Apr 30, 2009


I may have signed up for another month long fitness challenge.

Okay...not just may have. ACTUALLY have.

Here is the good news:
1. I will not be blogging about it here.
2. If for some strange reason you desperately WANT to know what I'm doing each day for exercise you can read about it here.
3. It will keep me accountable and help me stick to my half-marathon training plan.
4. I'm LOVING this whole exercising on a really regular basis thing.

So that's what I know. Well, not ALL of what I know. But it's some of it.


Heather said...

Ummm...half marathon? When?

lizzyashby davidaaron said...

I need to get addicted. I wish I was, I really do. I REALLY DO. finding time in an exhaustingly long day is very difficult and as much as I feel like a failure admitting it, is very true.

Haley said...

Heather: It's on July 4, it's called the Sauvie Island Flat Half...cause it's so flat!

Liz: Failure you are not! Please remember that you have two jobs, are fixing up your house, volunteering at the church, and finishing grad school. Not to mention being an amazing wife, sister, cousin, daughter, and coach.