Apr 17, 2009

day 17: becoming a standard

Fridays are starting to be the "take a 40 minute walk with friend in the office" day. I think I like it. Although with all this running sometimes I just want to break into a run and arrive at the office sweaty, and in under 25 minutes. I think the rest is good for me though. Sometimes it is important to have an activity that forces you to go slow.

Bonus Workout[?]: All the walking I'll do tonight from my house to the movie theater, movie theater to dessert place, dessert place to home.


Antonello and Sarah said...

I wish I could be the partner with whom you were walking. I miss that...your life seems so full of purpose and that makes me smile beautiful friend.

Haley said...

Oh my goodness...thank you. [That is me remembering the "Thank You Rule"]. My life feels so purposeless at the moment. I think the same thing about your life whenever I read about the latest development your life. So thank you for the encouragement my sweet friend, it was much needed.

AND I wish you could be my walking partner too! I'm sure I could find a ridiculous flight of steps for us to walk up and down that are near a stinky ship.