Apr 20, 2009

day 19: lsd

No. Not the drug. Long Slow Distance [LSD]. That is exactly what I did in the pool yesterday. I gingerly lowered my sore legs into the cool water and pushed, gently, off the wall. I didn't count laps. I didn't count minutes. I just swam. I stretched my arms as far ahead of me as they would go. I took my flip turns nice and slow, making sure to stretch my hamstrings as I went. I kept my body position as long as possible. And for the time that my body was weightless, for the time that I didn't have to support myself with my very overworked legs, I felt so good. The only disappointment was that I couldn't stay in the water forever.

Bonus Workout[?]: Any time I sat, stood, climbed or descended stairs. Wow.

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