Apr 16, 2009

day 15: just like that



I get it. I mean, I get how it's supposed to work. You exercise. You push yourself. You exercise and push yourself on a regular basis, and your physical fitness improves.

BUT. For whatever reason, even though I'm doing this challenge, working out more than I have, more regularly than I have in years, I didn't expect it to happen to me. Not because I'm pessimistic. I just figured I was the exception.

And all of a sudden I'M A GAZELLE. I'm running sub-10:00 miles, something that's always a pain in the ass to do on a treadmill. I always assumed that running outside without some sort of mile marker right in front of me, I would just run slower. Never faster. NEVER faster. But I AM going faster.

Yesterday's run, five miles [I can't remember the last time I ran five miles], I came in at 48:30, a 9:42 / mile pace. I checked at the 1.5 mile marker and was on track for 10:00+ miles. Not having any of that I thought, "I'd like to run faster. I'd like to negative split my run." AND I negative split my run. Just like that.

Bonus Workout[?]: Lugging gargantuan bag of groceries home to make lunch for the office. Shrimp curry. So delicious.

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