Apr 1, 2009

day 1: a perfect excuse

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain on my window. "Cold," I thought. "Wet," I thought. "Maybe Erin won't want to go running because it's raining," I thought.

"NO." The voice of reason broke through the excuses. "You are FROM Portland. You LOVE working out in the rain. Don't you remember bragging to all your friends in California how rain always made you feel like going for a nice long run? Today is your day to PROVE IT."

"Well," I thought, "when you put it that way, IT IS ON."

As I got ready for work this morning I packed my bag with all my favorite gear for running in the rain. I smiled as I walked out the door, dressed for work, with my gym bag over my shoulder, knowing that at the end of the day, after polite phone conversations and long task lists were completed, I would get to be muddy, wet and tough.

And that is the perfect excuse for a run in the rain.

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