Apr 17, 2009

day 16: metaphor free

I'm too distracted by everything going on right now to do much more than a list of yesterday's workout:

Elliptical warm up [10 minutes]
Stretching [10 minutes]
Knee strengthening exercises [courtesy of runnersworld. com]
Shoulder warm up / strengthening exercises [courtesy of the trainers at PLU]
Mile swim

Bonus workout[?]: Jumping up and down and freaking out with my good friend and soon to be flatmate about what is soon to be our apartment.


Antonello and Sarah said...

so stinkin' exciting!

p.s. I bought 'twilight' yesterday...the book...I sorta can't put it down pig...sit

Haley said...

Fanks pig. Fanks so muts for vee encouragement. Seriously.

An' I'm rully glad you started "Twilight". It's not rully vuh kind uv book you put down. Fur sur.