Apr 10, 2009

day 9: i like real bikes

The two reasons I ride the bike at the gym are:
1. I don't feel like working out.
2. I'm reading a really good book. [Right Erica?]

Yesterday was kind of a combination of the two. And I'd just run the day before. And I'd done the elliptical the day before that. And I can't use the erg machine and read at the same time. Stairclimber? Forget it. I can barely stand up straight on that thing!

Mid-workout yesterday I realized that I don't really like riding the bike* at the gym. Even with a good book it's boring. It makes me wish I was outside. It makes me wish I had something other than sub-par raquetball to watch. It makes me mad that they haven't figured out a way to simulate the feeling of tearing down a windey hill after a long uphill climb, the wind whooshing through the vents in your helmet, the tears streaming down your cheeks. That is what I like about riding a bike.

But I rode anyway. And stretched. And did some legs, shoulders and abs. And then I ate a LOT of fettuccine with salmon, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil courtesy of soon to be roommate Jessie Tillson.

Bonus workout[?]: Sprinting after the streetcar for two blocks after watching it pull away as the door button was inches from my fingertips.

*Exercise bikes and spinning classes are two different things. I ADORE spin class. Especially at the Ranch with Sisterface.

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