Apr 28, 2009

day 27: a real run

I did it. I went for a REAL run yesterday! Two friends from the office and I walked to Niketown for their Monday run club and as we headed down Salmon I found myself RUNNING.

Not shuffling.

Not jogging.

Not wincing.


It was so hard not to break into a sprint, jump up and down, or leapfrog over the lights on the sidewalk [waist high ones, not lamp posts]. And yes, my legs were sore. And yes I had to ice my knee. And yes I almost died when I rolled around on the foam roller. BUT I RAN. Mile times weren't quite back at what they were pre-injury BUT they were 10:12s, which is better than I was expecting. Maybe Wednesday will see me under 10 again.

[Insert image of me gazing longingly off in the distance here.]

As an added bonus it POURED yesterday. It started just about the time I was headed back up to Niketown and by the time I was walking for to my bus stop it was torrential. I got on the bus looking like I'd just stepped out of the ocean. I love running in the spring in Portland.

Bonus Workout[?]: Moving LOTS of boxes down and up several flights of stairs in the rain AND staying up until 1AM packing more boxes for this evening's phase of the move.

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