Apr 14, 2009

day 13: how did that happen?

Somehow, with sore legs, tight calves, and sluggish gate, I managed to complete my three mile run in 26:38. How on EARTH did that happen!? You got me, but I felt like a rockstar when I checked my watch as I ran up to the entrance of Portland's Niketown. Rather than complain or over-analyze I will simply enjoy the fact that I somehow managed to run three miles that quickly.

I finished my run so quickly in fact that I didn't even HAVE to sprint for the bus. I got to stretch while I waited for the bus to make its way to me. So wonderful.

Bonus Workout[?]: Lifting delicious popcorn covered in sweet pimenton and kosher salt up to my mouth as I [re]watched the end of Alias Season II.

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