Apr 12, 2009

day 11: the perfect day

Got up yesterday and met my friend Erin for a run into the Portland Farmer's Market. We ran across the Hawthorne Bridge...one of my favorites, and were treated to pretty clouds, patches of sunshine, and dragonboat teams on the Willamette River below. Once at the market we sipped hot tea, perused the fresh veggies [I bought leaks, potatoes, kale, onions, and carrots for soups later this week], and ran into friends. We hugged goodbye and I hopped on the bus to shower, eat, and head out for time with friends from California.

It may also have been the perfect day because it was the day before my very first day off from the BOWC.

Bonus Workout[?]: Walking around Portland with my friend Rebekkah, showing her all the things I love about the place I call home.

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