Sep 20, 2012

I need the rain

You can see the smoke in the sky
Wildfires a hundred miles away mark the end of summer
The last measurable rainfall was sometime in July
And my soul is parched
I need the rain
Glistening streets and dripping leaves
To remind me that He really does make all things new

Sep 7, 2012

praise the LORD

Praise the Lord

It is the second day of the fall semester and the first day of this particular class. I have taken classes with this professor before, and I am already excited about what the semester holds. Class opens with prayer and a singing of the Doxology. As our voices, mostly on key and mostly in unison, sing praise, I am in awe of God of all He has done to bring each person attached to each of these voices, my own included, through these doors and into each of these blue plastic chairs. The Doxology concludes, and we turn to Psalm 150.

Praise God in his sanctuary;
praise him in his mighty heavens.

Sandwiched between new friends, amidst family and old friends spread out across pews, we stand and sing. The goings on of our community, the offering, and an old prayer prayed together. My pastor walks on stage, I open my Bible and journal, ready to listen, asking for an open heart. There is conviction. There is sorrow. There is hope. My heart fills and tears overflow, sadness and joy co-mingle as we bow together in prayer.

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