Jul 29, 2013

It's not about you

As you, dear reader, read this post, I am running around doing last minute errands in preparation for my sister’s bachlorette party and her BIG DAY. It’s a post I’ve been sitting on for awhile. Like, more than a year. As I ponder wedding toasts and wedding vows it seems that the time has come to put thoughts, memories, and feelings into words I now share with you. 

The first time it happened I didn’t think anything of it. We broke up, they started dating, and a few years later they got married.

The second time it happened it stung a bit more, but in retrospect that had more to do with the speed of things. We broke up, a month later they were engaged, and a month or two after that they were married.

The third time I was waiting for it. We broke up, they started dating, and I knew, I knew, I knew they would get married. And they did.

The fourth time I tell a dear friend and mentor what will happen. He listens, but confesses later that at the time I predicted their future nuptials he didn’t believe me. We broke up, they started dating, and then they got married.

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