Nov 28, 2007

I love knitting

I just finished a scarf for a good friend and I love it.  It's beautiful for several reasons.
1. I love the yarn I've used [Rapture, it's a blend of natural fibers...I can't remember what they are now, but it's divine.]
2. It's a new pattern that is asymmetrical and involves a cable pattern.
3. It's the first pattern I've really used and followed.
4. I'm going to block it tonight which means that I get to learn a new knitting skill.

I also, in the process of learning how to block, discovered two websites that proved fairly helpful and I want to further investigate and see if they really are as wonderful as they seem.  For the knitting inclined [SJ and Eri Sue] here they are: Knitty, an online knitting magazine and Knitting Help, a website that offers exactly what it says with videos in both the English and Continental styles of knitting.

I love it.  I love knitting.  I'm going to The Yarn Place after work today.  Speaking of work I should probably get back to it....

Nov 27, 2007

waking up early

I got up this morning EARLY to meet a friend for a run.  And I'm not talking 7:00am early, or even 6:30.  I'm talking 5:15.  I woke up at 5:15 this morning, got my butt out of bed and chose to enjoy the company of a friend and the beautiful view along East Cliff Drive rather than the warmth of my bed.  I think it's one of the best decisions I've made in awhile.

There is something about being up that early, when it feels like no one else is awake.  It makes you appreciate–it makes ME appreciate being alive.  Getting out of the car, stretching my legs, lengthening my stride as we settled into a good, sweat inducing pace.  I forgot how good cold morning air feels on my face, how good it feels to breathe it in deeply as I find my cadence.

And the sunrise...oh the sunrise!  It was so beautiful.  To think that the sun rises each morning and I miss it more often than I appreciate it...sometimes I wonder if I've got my priorities straight.  Don't get me wrong the reasons that keep me up late: a good book, just one more row on a beautiful scarf or hat, sweet kisses and whispered I love yous, these are all good reasons to stay up late and sleep in a few extra minutes.

But this morning I remembered a few good reasons to wake up early: alone time, the smells and sounds of the ocean, the burnt orange of the sky.

Nov 5, 2007

it's been awhile

It has been just shy of nine months since I last posted.  I realize I don't post often.  And I imagine people venture here far less often.   A little over a year ago I thought, "I'd like to have a blog.  A blog would be cool."  I still like the idea.  A lot actually.  It's just that writing a blog means I have to sit down and write.  And who says anyone should read what I write?  Not this girl.  But I still want to, even if it's only me who reads it.

Feb 21, 2007

waterhole 2.0

It's weird to me how meeting for coffee is no longer a trend. It is now just what people do when they meet. It is faster and cheaper than breakfast, lunch, dinner or adult only type drinks. It is no longer just for adults either. I take high school and junior high students our for coffee at Starbucks or their preferred local coffee shop. My boss has almost all of his off site meetings at places that specialize in caffeinated beverages. My uncle has started a tradition with his three year old niece that revolves around Starbucks. Fortunately she's drinking coffee...yet (she gets hot chocolate and a doughnut). But she's already familiar with this strange social behavior we've established. Perhaps Starbucks, Peet's, Tully's, Seattle's Best, Mr. Toot's, Coffeetopia, NPCC, the North Point, and all the other tens of thousands of coffee shops, independent and otherwise, are simply our modern, evolved version of the watering hole I see featured on almost every Animal Planet show I've watched. It is no longer acceptable, and more importantly convenient, for us to meet at the watering hole. It goes without saying that most of us wouldn't have the faintest idea how to get to the water source that provides our drinking and bathing water. So we've come up with a sophisticated and cultured alternative to the water hole. And unlike the old fashioned, less evolved water hole you can find this modern version on almost every street corner.