Mar 19, 2012

as the deer

Have you ever noticed the way little children drink? Not out of a sippy cup, but out of a big person glass. Two tiny, sticky hands with dirt underneath the fingernails, spread out and grasp the cup, tipping it up. Unlike adults there is no quiet sipping. There is this slurpy sound combined with the repeated noise of their bottom lips releasing suction and then reengaging with the outside of the glass. And the breathing. You can hear their labored breathing as they inhale and exhale through their nose, all the while they gulp and slurp and hydrate. When finished, they don’t daintily place the glass on the table or counter. The end of their imbibing is signaled by a loud, satisfactory sigh and perhaps a few more big breaths, because, well, that was a lot of water they just drank. With the back of their hands they wipe off the water that’s found its way onto their cheeks rather than their into their bellies, and then they are off to the next adventure. I'm posting over at Deeper Story today, you can read the rest of the post
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