Aug 15, 2008


Nothing like my cousin Lizzy, and the Pacific Ocean crashing at Windwhistle's feet to enlighten my thoughts and put my heart at ease...

Aug 1, 2008

awaiting the appointed time

I think the anticipation makes it worse.

I think I would just like to know and be done with it.

[Be done with it? Really Haley? You want to be done with it?]

Okay. Maybe not done with it. But the next step.

[Plenty of next steps lately my dear. Job, GRE classes, friends, the list continues, should I?]



I'm whiney and impatient.

I wanna know when I wanna know.

[And the faith in that would be where?]

No. Where.

Did you ever see that movie, "Camp Nowhere"? Loved it. Christopher Lloyd...what a character.

[Back to the topic at hand perhaps?]


Or I could just knock off the pouty child thing and trust You.

[You could do that. But it's okay if you don't.]

No. I think I'm good for tonight.

Thanks for giving me a choice.

[There is always a choice dear one.]