Apr 30, 2009


I may have signed up for another month long fitness challenge.

Okay...not just may have. ACTUALLY have.

Here is the good news:
1. I will not be blogging about it here.
2. If for some strange reason you desperately WANT to know what I'm doing each day for exercise you can read about it here.
3. It will keep me accountable and help me stick to my half-marathon training plan.
4. I'm LOVING this whole exercising on a really regular basis thing.

So that's what I know. Well, not ALL of what I know. But it's some of it.

day 29: come on legs!

Yesterday was run club day. We did the Springwater Loop and chose to do five miles instead of the three. My running buddy and coworker agreed that she'd run the five with me if I promised we'd take it easy and I wouldn't go crazy and try for sub-10:00 mile averages. I agreed, somewhat reluctantly, seeing the merit in her request as I remembered that I am still sort of recovering from my injury.

It was a beautiful spring day in Portland, sunny to the north, dark and ominous to the south. It was perfect running weather, so perfect in fact that I didn't even notice how fast our pace was until we hit the 2.5 mile marker at 23:45...oops. I apologized profusely to my running buddy for going faster than I'd promised. She told me not to worry, and we turned around and headed back for our second half.

I didn't negative split this five mile loop, but K.ben was right. I did find my sub-10:00 mile time again. I finished at 48:13, faster than my previous five mile time that was pre-injury. Granted, my legs complained more this time and my knee was asking for ice louder than it had, but I still felt good.

Bonus Workout[?]: Lugging the LAST of my boxes up the stairs and into my new place. Now there's just the furniture to unload this weekend....

Apr 29, 2009

day 28: it's called circle swim

You know how we have these rules for which side of the road you drive on? Have you ever thought about how efficient that concept is [ignoring, of course, the inefficiencies of fossil fuel]? Wanna know something cool? Swimmers have a similar system. It's what allows swim teams to have 50+ people swimming in the pool at a time. We like to call it "Circle Swim" because you swim in a circle. Well, it's really more of an ellipse. And just like driving in the U.S. you swim on the right side of the lane at all times. It's SO convenient. And NO ONE in the pool at my gym ever does it. The space planning for the pool was really poorly designed, it's only two lanes wide but could EASILY be made into four. So you have four people in the pool and all of a sudden people wanting to swim think they have to wait for a someone else to leave because apparently there is only room for four people. Whatever. CIRCLE SWIM AND WE CAN HAVE A POST SWIM PARTY WITH ALL THE PEOPLE WE'LL FIT IN THE POOL.

Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, I went swimming yesterday. Eighteen hundred yards of non-circle swimming ridiculousness.

Bonus Workout[?]: More packing and going up and down stairs with boxes. UGH.

Apr 28, 2009

day 27: a real run

I did it. I went for a REAL run yesterday! Two friends from the office and I walked to Niketown for their Monday run club and as we headed down Salmon I found myself RUNNING.

Not shuffling.

Not jogging.

Not wincing.


It was so hard not to break into a sprint, jump up and down, or leapfrog over the lights on the sidewalk [waist high ones, not lamp posts]. And yes, my legs were sore. And yes I had to ice my knee. And yes I almost died when I rolled around on the foam roller. BUT I RAN. Mile times weren't quite back at what they were pre-injury BUT they were 10:12s, which is better than I was expecting. Maybe Wednesday will see me under 10 again.

[Insert image of me gazing longingly off in the distance here.]

As an added bonus it POURED yesterday. It started just about the time I was headed back up to Niketown and by the time I was walking for to my bus stop it was torrential. I got on the bus looking like I'd just stepped out of the ocean. I love running in the spring in Portland.

Bonus Workout[?]: Moving LOTS of boxes down and up several flights of stairs in the rain AND staying up until 1AM packing more boxes for this evening's phase of the move.

Apr 27, 2009

day 26: a day of rest

I did not intend on taking yesterday off. I had my suit, cap and goggles in the car awaiting my free evening after a day of airports, church, cleaning, unpacking, and Ikea. Silly me. I should have realized that Ikea trumps EVERYTHING. Even exercise. Good thing I'd been hoarding all those extra days off.

I may not have worked out yesterday, but at 9:30 last night as my friend and new housemate sat down to dinner [courtesy of Burgerville, it's local so that means it's good for you, right?] I felt like I'd just finished the longest most arduous workout.

Only four more days to go in April and I intend on making each and every one of them count.

Bonus Workout[?]: Exercising self-restraint at Ikea, purchasing [mostly] only the immediately necessary items.

day 25: peaceful persistance

Went to the pool on Saturday morning and had it almost entirely to myself. It was heaven. I felt all wrapped up and cozy as I moved through the water, pushing my muscles for the first time in a week. The cold air on my heels as they broke through the surface of the water, hearing the water splash, loving the burning feeling in my lungs as they insisted on more air, and finally arriving at the end of the pool out of breath for the first time in seven days.

I did a little more than a mile and then spent some time stretching in the water which was such a treat as my legs have been too sore to support my body weight on land. I think I stretched for almost 20 minutes. I left the pool refreshed and encouraged. Maybe all this recovery will be worth it.

Bonus Workout[?]: Excited [and admittedly girlish] giggling and freaking out as a friend and I [who is on SocialWorkout but will remain nameless to protect her innocence] enjoyed popcorn with sweet pimenton and kosher salt and watched "Twilight" [again].

Apr 23, 2009

days 20, 21, and 22: playing catch up

I have been slacking at updating this blog with my blogs from the Social Workout site. My apologies dear reader, I have been...ANNOYED. Not with blogging. With myself. I AM ANNOYED[not have been, that implies that the annoyance has ended] with the injury I sustained as a result of going too hard at the Ultimate clinic on Saturday. I felt like, if I didn't write about taking it easy, then I wouldn't really be taking it easy. Alas, I have been taking it easy. For reals. So here's what you've been missing...

day 20: shuffling along
As I may have mentioned I have, as a result of this challenge, been running faster, longer and harder. I may also have mentioned that I LOVE that I've been running faster, longer and harder. And I may also have mentioned that I totally effed up my legs on Saturday. So yesterday when I, determined to get in my mileage on my very first day of half-marathon training, left the house for the first half of a four mile run [I split it up, two in the morning, two in the afternoon...poor legs], I shuffled just as fast as my stiff, sore legs would allow. And then after work I did the same thing.

What I have NOT mentioned is the swelling pride that has developed as a result of faster, longer and harder runs. And how difficult it was NOT being remotely able to run fast, long or hard yesterday. I'm sure there's a great life lesson in here somewhere. Whatever. I'm just glad that after four miles of shuffling along [we're talking 12+ minute miles here], an ice bath, a warm bath with epsom salt, AND Tiger Balm my legs are feeling a bit looser.

day 21: worth the effort:
I am a morning person. I mean REALLY a morning person. I consider sleeping in anything past 7:30AM. But this morning when the alarm went off at 5:30, like it almost always does, it was hard to drag my heavy, sore muscles out of bed. I stumbled into my swimsuit, pulled on some shorts and a hoodie, grabbed my gym bag [packed the night before] and headed for the bus. An hour later I was in the water. Weightless. If they could have I think my legs would have kissed me. They kept begging me for a break yesterday. "Please Haley, let someone else walk for us." And, "Please Haley, don't go down the stairs again." And, "Please Haley, don't sit down because we will eventually have to get back up." Poor legs.

I didn't push it too hard in the pool. I just really tried to stretch, get my muscles moving. I like this whole getting better, sore muscles recovering thing, and was extra careful not to mess it up by doing anything too intense.

day 22: jog a little, walk a little
I hate this. I am not a "take it easy, let's just go slow" person. Or at least not very often. So this whole INJURY thing is really getting on my nerves because the prescription for getting better is taking it easy and going slow. BARF. NO THANK YOU. I miss my gazelle-ish self, racing through the streets and along the waterfront of Portland at a sub-10:00 minute mile pace. Part of it is pride, and part of it is just ME wanting to be ME when I excercise. [Cue "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk]

Instead of harder, better, faster, stronger I went slower yesterday. I went with the Nike Run Club and was the last person to return from the three mile loop. I was even passed by several of the five milers. Awesome. BUT, despite my hollerings hamstrings and griping glutes, I completed the three miles. No major accomplishment when I look at the rest of the month, but for someone who could barely make it up the stairs on Sunday I think I might as well suck it up and allow myself a pat on the back.

Bonus Workout[?]: Any movements that took me from floor to chair height. That's still pretty painful.

Apr 20, 2009

day 19: lsd

No. Not the drug. Long Slow Distance [LSD]. That is exactly what I did in the pool yesterday. I gingerly lowered my sore legs into the cool water and pushed, gently, off the wall. I didn't count laps. I didn't count minutes. I just swam. I stretched my arms as far ahead of me as they would go. I took my flip turns nice and slow, making sure to stretch my hamstrings as I went. I kept my body position as long as possible. And for the time that my body was weightless, for the time that I didn't have to support myself with my very overworked legs, I felt so good. The only disappointment was that I couldn't stay in the water forever.

Bonus Workout[?]: Any time I sat, stood, climbed or descended stairs. Wow.

day 18: not as young as i used to be

Wow. Saturday was wonderful and painful. PUFF [Portland Ultimate Frisbee Federation] hosted an ultimate frisbee clinic for women on Saturday. Tons of fun, tons of women, tons of running, cutting, drills, catching, throwing.

And TONS of sore muscles. Almost everything above my knees and below my abs hurts. I am hobbling around like an arthritic 70-year-old. BUT my commitment to the BOWC, to Ultimate, and to the half marathon I signed up for on Friday [Sauvie Island Foot Traffic Flat, July 4 2009] has stayed strong. I am on a strict regimen of RICE. I have purchased both Tiger Balm [feel the burn!] and Traumeel [another homeopathic, less fragrant than Tiger Balm] and am applying them at regular intervals.

Bonus Workout[?]: Any and all walking I did after the clinic ended.

Apr 17, 2009

day 17: becoming a standard

Fridays are starting to be the "take a 40 minute walk with friend in the office" day. I think I like it. Although with all this running sometimes I just want to break into a run and arrive at the office sweaty, and in under 25 minutes. I think the rest is good for me though. Sometimes it is important to have an activity that forces you to go slow.

Bonus Workout[?]: All the walking I'll do tonight from my house to the movie theater, movie theater to dessert place, dessert place to home.


She is my RMSBF.

I cannot imagine my life without her.

One time, after a huge oh-my-gosh-we-haven't-seen-each-other-for-months hug, a lady asked us if we would hug again so she could take our picture because it was so full of love.

There aren't enough words to describe how much Clare Elizabeth Pierson means to me. And we have almost that many inside jokes.

My dear RMSBF I am SO GLAD you were born 27 years ago today.

PS. Jump, jump, cling!

PPS. How'm I supposed to breathe with no Clare?

PPPS. How do I NOT have any pictures of just the two of us to put with this post?

day 16: metaphor free

I'm too distracted by everything going on right now to do much more than a list of yesterday's workout:

Elliptical warm up [10 minutes]
Stretching [10 minutes]
Knee strengthening exercises [courtesy of runnersworld. com]
Shoulder warm up / strengthening exercises [courtesy of the trainers at PLU]
Mile swim

Bonus workout[?]: Jumping up and down and freaking out with my good friend and soon to be flatmate about what is soon to be our apartment.


I did it. I just signed up for my first half marathon.


I've been wanting to do one for quite some time. For a while I just wanted to do one for bragging rights. You know just so I could say, "I ran a half marathon."

Then I for a while I thought, "That is crazy. Like I could ever do that. My body isn't made to do that."


It's the Sauvie Island Foot Traffic Flat. It is on July 4, 2009. And have I mentioned how excited I am to be doing this yet? Oh, okay. WELL I AM.

I have to say that I am incredibly lucky to have Kathy Simpson as a best friend. She is a KICKASS runner and an even KICKASSIER best friend. As soon as I told her I was doing this she went to work on a customized training plan that factors in the fact that I like having Sunday off, Run Club is Monday and Wednesday, and until mid-June I have ultimate on Tuesdays and Fridays. She also said, "You know I'm going to act like your running coach, right?"

Man...she is the best.


Apr 16, 2009

day 15: just like that



I get it. I mean, I get how it's supposed to work. You exercise. You push yourself. You exercise and push yourself on a regular basis, and your physical fitness improves.

BUT. For whatever reason, even though I'm doing this challenge, working out more than I have, more regularly than I have in years, I didn't expect it to happen to me. Not because I'm pessimistic. I just figured I was the exception.

And all of a sudden I'M A GAZELLE. I'm running sub-10:00 miles, something that's always a pain in the ass to do on a treadmill. I always assumed that running outside without some sort of mile marker right in front of me, I would just run slower. Never faster. NEVER faster. But I AM going faster.

Yesterday's run, five miles [I can't remember the last time I ran five miles], I came in at 48:30, a 9:42 / mile pace. I checked at the 1.5 mile marker and was on track for 10:00+ miles. Not having any of that I thought, "I'd like to run faster. I'd like to negative split my run." AND I negative split my run. Just like that.

Bonus Workout[?]: Lugging gargantuan bag of groceries home to make lunch for the office. Shrimp curry. So delicious.

Apr 15, 2009

i'm sensitive and i'd like to stay that way

Do you ever get sensitive? I get sensitive. It comes out of nowhere. Hits me like a truck. One minute I'm normal and the next minute I'm a Jenga tower on it's last legs [blocks?]. Someone says something and it's all I can do not to:
a. Burst into tears.
b. Throw up a huge wall of self-protection [a.k.a. bitchiest most sarcastic remarks ever].

It happened this afternoon. I'm just sitting at my desk opening the mail with a co-worker and BAM. Jenga tower. She makes some remark that's been dipped in a morning full of meetings followed by afternoon's worth of too much to complete today and I just about lost it. All my Jenga blocks all over the floor. But I held it together. I kept my cool. I let my sensitive self retreat as far inward as possible. I wrapped her up in cozy down blanket like prayers and sang softly to her.

I'm not sure what it is. I'd like to chalk it up to PMS, but that's the easy way out, and besides, that was last week. Maybe it's thinking about the past, [finally?] getting over the past. I think it should just be called Big Life Processing Stuff. I am in the midst of that. BIG TIME. And it is good. And it is a precarious Jenga tower. And it is broken and beautiful and scary and exhilarating.

day 14: like coming home

The smell, warm and pungent, is almost overpowering. I breathe it in, deep, and as the oxygen winds through my veins, my pulse quickens and I remember. I remember anticipation and adrenaline. I remember focus and determination. I remember late nights and early mornings. I remember victory and loss. I remember joy and pain. I remember and I jump.

It has been several years since I have turned to the pool seeking exercise rather than relaxation. But yesterday I returned, excited and nervous, to the first form of exercise I willingly pursued. Though time has passed it is all so familiar. The smell. The sounds. The goggles and cap in my hand. The wet tiles and concrete under my feet. My once piece is my cape, and in this water I can accomplish anything.

Workout: 1800 yards.

Bonus Workout[?]: Lugging my big-ass bag around all day. Seriously, how do clothes weigh that much?!

Apr 14, 2009

blog dreams

I feel like I should apologize. Like you, my faithful readers [ha. ha.] want to hear about what I'm doing for exercise.

I have dreams for this blog you see. They may never be realized, but I dream them nonetheless. I dream of posting bits of a novel I'm in the midst of writing. I dream of chronicling my knitting projects from start to finish. I dream of composing beautiful prose designed to bring glory only to my Maker [though, in all honesty I also dream that people will find my humility in that venture inspiring which probably means I'm actually prideful].

All these dreams and nowhere to put them. Because this blog remains a mishmash of whatever is going on inside this brain that doesn't sit still.

Maybe I should dream of a day when there is just a bit more time to sit, write, knit, think, create. Maybe then these dreams will come to fruition.

day 13: how did that happen?

Somehow, with sore legs, tight calves, and sluggish gate, I managed to complete my three mile run in 26:38. How on EARTH did that happen!? You got me, but I felt like a rockstar when I checked my watch as I ran up to the entrance of Portland's Niketown. Rather than complain or over-analyze I will simply enjoy the fact that I somehow managed to run three miles that quickly.

I finished my run so quickly in fact that I didn't even HAVE to sprint for the bus. I got to stretch while I waited for the bus to make its way to me. So wonderful.

Bonus Workout[?]: Lifting delicious popcorn covered in sweet pimenton and kosher salt up to my mouth as I [re]watched the end of Alias Season II.

day 12: a day of rest

My first day of rest since the challenge began April 1 was Sunday. It was a lovely, lovely Easter Sunday in Portland. True to form it poured down rain all afternoon long.

Apr 12, 2009

day 11: the perfect day

Got up yesterday and met my friend Erin for a run into the Portland Farmer's Market. We ran across the Hawthorne Bridge...one of my favorites, and were treated to pretty clouds, patches of sunshine, and dragonboat teams on the Willamette River below. Once at the market we sipped hot tea, perused the fresh veggies [I bought leaks, potatoes, kale, onions, and carrots for soups later this week], and ran into friends. We hugged goodbye and I hopped on the bus to shower, eat, and head out for time with friends from California.

It may also have been the perfect day because it was the day before my very first day off from the BOWC.

Bonus Workout[?]: Walking around Portland with my friend Rebekkah, showing her all the things I love about the place I call home.

Apr 10, 2009

day 10: brief, tired

My legs are tired. I need to take a break from doing exercises that involve my legs. Maybe next week...because today I already walked [40 minutes, around downtown Portland with a friend from the office]. And tomorrow I'm running to the Farmer's Market with a friend. So next week. Next week I will do things that do not always involve my legs.

Bonus Workout[?]: Sitting through Friday rush hour traffic...oh wait, sitting doesn't count as exercise, does it?

day 9: i like real bikes

The two reasons I ride the bike at the gym are:
1. I don't feel like working out.
2. I'm reading a really good book. [Right Erica?]

Yesterday was kind of a combination of the two. And I'd just run the day before. And I'd done the elliptical the day before that. And I can't use the erg machine and read at the same time. Stairclimber? Forget it. I can barely stand up straight on that thing!

Mid-workout yesterday I realized that I don't really like riding the bike* at the gym. Even with a good book it's boring. It makes me wish I was outside. It makes me wish I had something other than sub-par raquetball to watch. It makes me mad that they haven't figured out a way to simulate the feeling of tearing down a windey hill after a long uphill climb, the wind whooshing through the vents in your helmet, the tears streaming down your cheeks. That is what I like about riding a bike.

But I rode anyway. And stretched. And did some legs, shoulders and abs. And then I ate a LOT of fettuccine with salmon, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil courtesy of soon to be roommate Jessie Tillson.

Bonus workout[?]: Sprinting after the streetcar for two blocks after watching it pull away as the door button was inches from my fingertips.

*Exercise bikes and spinning classes are two different things. I ADORE spin class. Especially at the Ranch with Sisterface.

Apr 9, 2009

day 8: shiney new things

Went over to Adidas yesterday after work to pick up new cleats [Adidas Predator Absolution] for the impending--I mean upcoming Spring Ultimate Season. [Gulp] My running shoes have been on the outs for a while as well [realized I've had them since February...2008] so I picked up new adiSTAR Rides, a pair of soccer shorts [don't want to ruin my running shorts laying out for some disc about to land in the middle of a mud puddle] , and a new pair of socks. All in all a very successful trip.

With new shorts, socks and running shoes on, and new cleats in my bag, I headed to the gym. Having missed the Nike Running Club meeting time I hopped on the treadmill to run the same three miles I would have run with the Nike folks. During my run I learned several things:
1. I hate running on treadmills without my headphones.
2. I like talking to someone when I run.
3. I do not appreciate it when smokers run next to me.

I was surprised by how much I disliked running on the treadmill. For quite some time that's been where I run. I love running outside, but lack of a running partner keeps me on the treadmill. In the few short weeks I've been running with the running club I've been spoiled. Good news, even with the nasty smoker stench, lack of music and lack of running buddy [by the way, running buddy I missed you], my attitude was VAST improvement over Tuesday's. I even made it upstairs and did some abs and arms.

Bonus Workout[?]: Shivering in my new shorts while I waited for the bus.

Apr 8, 2009

you are GREAT

day 7: i got cocky

I got cocky yesterday morning as I packed for the gym. After my sub 10:00 minute miles and the 70+ degree weather on Monday, I got cocky. I strutted over the the shelves where I keep my workout clothes and grabbed some capris and a short sleeved t-shirt. On the way to my gym bag I paused in front of my ever growing hooded sweatshirt collection and said, out loud, "Nah..." And packed nothing to keep my cocky self warm after last night's workout.

Which was too bad. Because, though it was wasn't particularly cold or rainy, it was ridiculously windy. And after 25 minutes of cardio and 1o minutes of stretching, and 30 minutes of lifting my formerly cocky, sweaty self was pretty cold each time that wind started to blow.

Yesterday was also the first "bad" workout. Bad meaning I was in a bad mood and had a bad attitude. I'd been counting on the endorphin rush of my workout giving me a bit of a pick-me-up, but the crazy guy who pretended to fake puke on me as I walked to the gym canceled that out. Thanks crazy guy.

Bonus Workout[?]: Walking to the gym instead of taking the Streetcar [but only because Mr. Fake Puker held me up enough that I missed it].

Apr 7, 2009


I did a few more posts over the weekend, but didn't put them up here because I was up at the cabin and didn't feel like wasting any more time on the interwebz than was actually necessary. Here's what you missed while I was playing outside...

day 4: a walk in the woods
Up at my folks' cabin at the foot of Mt. Adams for the weekend. My folks, my sister, her boyfriend, their good friends, my friend Jessie, myself, plus four dogs all enjoyed a beautiful day out in the middle of [almost] nowhere. Jessie, my mom and I went for a nice long walk into town, back out of town, and through the surrounding wildlife refuge. Nothing like getting your heart rate up when there are no cars around to fill your lungs with carbon monoxide, and a beautiful blue sky and glaciated peak to inspire you. All in all a very good day.

day 5: heavy lifting
I don't know that I actually consider yesterday's activities as qualifying for the BOWC. A friend and I loaded the majority of what I own [that has been in storage, in boxes for the past five years] into the back of my parents' Yukon. We then unloaded it all, carrying it up two flights of stairs in the process.

I didn't realize I owned so many books.

day 6: i thought the exercise would be the hard part

So one of the reasons I signed up for this challenge was because I figured writing about exercise would push me as a writer. Good news, I was correct. I've thought about writing this blog since I finished my three mile run along the Portland waterfront in the beautiful 70+ degree weather yesterday in 28:34. I remember being sporadically inspired with fluid phrases and witty anecdotes, but I guess Anne Lamott was right when she said, "Just because something is important doesn't mean you'll remember it. "

Here is the good news about all of this:
I am writing anyway.
My run yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and ENCOURAGING.

Up until taking my watch along with me for my run, something I imagined I would ALWAYS do when I first purchased the watch but that rarely actually happens, I always figured I ran faster on the treadmill [on which I've lately kept a fairly steady 10 minute mile pace]. Much to my surprise I discovered ACTUALLY run faster outside. Okay, okay. This was only one day with my watch and exact mileage versus I don't even know how many days without my watch and exact mileage. But still. I felt pretty awesome. Even if it's only under 10:00 by 16 seconds, I'm still happy.

Bonus Workout: Sprinted for the bus AGAIN. Realized, while sprinting for the bus, that I am not stretching enough.

Apr 6, 2009


The spring breeze blowing in through my office window is sweet enough to make me want to cry happy, cherry blossom scented tears. Yes, I may be trapped in said office, but that doesn't stop me from mentally floating away on the aforementioned sweet breeze to a happy place with quilted picnic blankets, bare feet swimming in verdant grass, and sunshine warming bare arms and legs.

it's cloyd

Apparently my last name is REALLY difficult to pronounce.

I say, "Cloyd." You say, "Tolith."

I say, "Cloyd." You say, "Tloyt."

I say, "C-L-O-Y-D, as in David." You say, "Cloyt."

I say, "No, C-L-O-Y-D. D, as in David." You say, "Oh?"

Apr 3, 2009

day 3.5: a little preplanning

Friday is always the day that it is easiest to listen to the excuses:
"You stayed up so late last night, you deserve to take today off."
"It's Friday, who works out on Friday?"
"You have plans after work, there's just no time."
...ad infinitum.

This week I chose to be proactive. On March 31 I asked a friend from the office [who is also participating in the BOWC] if she wanted to walk at lunch on Friday. Take that Friday excuses! I've got a plan, I've scheduled it in. You got...NOTHIN'!

We took brisk walk up and down Portland's beautiful park blocks for 41 minutes and 35 seconds. It was, perhaps, the perfect Friday workout. It gave us a chance to wake ourselves up, shake off Thursday night's exhaustion [why does all the best TV / book reading / knitting happen on Thursday, why!?], and return refreshed and ready to power through to the awaiting weekend.

Bonus workout[?]: Lugged four bags with me to work, but refused to run as overactive imagination produced images of broken handles and bags being dragged the remaining blocks to the office.

day 3: all over the place

Went to the gym last night after work. I find that if I change into my workout clothes BEFORE I get to the gym I'm more ready to hit it when I walk through the doors, and I actually believe it when the despondent gym employee tells me to "have a great work out."

My plans for exercise were modified when I walked in and saw a good friend on the treadmill. I'd been planning on a good hard 2o minutes on the rowing machine [intervals] and then some strength training that included Runner's World's preventative knee injury exercises. Instead I opted for a 40 minute power walk with an incline [made slightly MORE challenging by the steady stream of chatter coming out of my mouth], and then my friend and I did abs and a bit of arms.

Bonus workouts [?]: Sprinting to catch the bus yesterday morning on my way to work while carrying my gym bag; Sprinting to catch the streetcar on my way to the gym while carrying my gym bag.

Apr 2, 2009

day 2: glad i have a gym membership

I've always wanted to be one of those people who just exercises without thinking about it. I listen to how they went backpacking all weekend, and then biked to and from work, and instead of meeting with a client at a coffee shop or restaurant they went running as they discussed the upcoming quarter. I am NOT that person.

That said, I do LOVE to be active, love to exercise. I played this game called "Imagine if..." at my last job. The game cards ask the players to imagine if a selected player were in a given scenario and then choose how that selected player would behave. I was the selected player and my co-workers were asked to "Imagine if Haley could only do one thing in the morning, she would..."
a. Drink a large cup of coffee.
b. Sleep until the last moment possible.
c. Work out.
d. Eat a big breakfast.
e. I don't actually remember what e. was, but you get the idea.
Almost everyone chose c. and it is a fairly accurate assessment. Surprisingly enough, I do choose exercise over coffee and breakfast...but only because I know both await shortly after the exercise ends.

Okay, by now you're wondering what on earth this has to do with the BOWC...me too. Here is the point, I have to consciously fit exercise into my daily routine. It does not just happen for me the way it seems to for others; therefore, I am thankful for my gym membership and said gym's close proximity to my office. At 5:30PM* today that is where you will find me.

*Yes, I know the question dealt with my morning routine, but my current job requires I get to the office earlier than my last one did.

Apr 1, 2009

day 1: post script--a perfect excuse

Since this morning's post Erin canceled. Does this mean more excuses? NO. It means I run with the Nike Running Club and my friend from work, Alison [assuming she finishes her reports in time, ahem], instead.

Also, I have convinced all the women in my office to give the BOWC a try. They've all set up accounts, but [unlike me] prefer a bit of anonymity, so I will refrain from giving out their usernames.

Am counting down the minutes till it is time to change into rainy day appropriate running gear and can almost hear the sound of my shoes as they pound the rain soaked pavement....

day 1: a perfect excuse

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain on my window. "Cold," I thought. "Wet," I thought. "Maybe Erin won't want to go running because it's raining," I thought.

"NO." The voice of reason broke through the excuses. "You are FROM Portland. You LOVE working out in the rain. Don't you remember bragging to all your friends in California how rain always made you feel like going for a nice long run? Today is your day to PROVE IT."

"Well," I thought, "when you put it that way, IT IS ON."

As I got ready for work this morning I packed my bag with all my favorite gear for running in the rain. I smiled as I walked out the door, dressed for work, with my gym bag over my shoulder, knowing that at the end of the day, after polite phone conversations and long task lists were completed, I would get to be muddy, wet and tough.

And that is the perfect excuse for a run in the rain.

brief introduction

Randomly surfing the interweb a week or so ago I came upon the website Social Workout. They had an interesting post up about the April Body of Work Challenge in which those participating agree to work out for 26 of the 30 days of April, and then blog about it.

I had three thoughts almost simultaneously:
1. I've been wanting an extra push to get in shape for Ultimate.
2. I've been wanting to challenge myself when I write.
3. Twenty-six days is A LOT of days.

But I signed up anyway.

Today is April first and I have my gym bag sitting in the corner of my office awaiting my 5:30 workout date.

The site has it's own blogging forum, so I will be posting there. But I will be reposting my blogs here as well.