Apr 15, 2009

day 14: like coming home

The smell, warm and pungent, is almost overpowering. I breathe it in, deep, and as the oxygen winds through my veins, my pulse quickens and I remember. I remember anticipation and adrenaline. I remember focus and determination. I remember late nights and early mornings. I remember victory and loss. I remember joy and pain. I remember and I jump.

It has been several years since I have turned to the pool seeking exercise rather than relaxation. But yesterday I returned, excited and nervous, to the first form of exercise I willingly pursued. Though time has passed it is all so familiar. The smell. The sounds. The goggles and cap in my hand. The wet tiles and concrete under my feet. My once piece is my cape, and in this water I can accomplish anything.

Workout: 1800 yards.

Bonus Workout[?]: Lugging my big-ass bag around all day. Seriously, how do clothes weigh that much?!

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