Apr 8, 2009

day 7: i got cocky

I got cocky yesterday morning as I packed for the gym. After my sub 10:00 minute miles and the 70+ degree weather on Monday, I got cocky. I strutted over the the shelves where I keep my workout clothes and grabbed some capris and a short sleeved t-shirt. On the way to my gym bag I paused in front of my ever growing hooded sweatshirt collection and said, out loud, "Nah..." And packed nothing to keep my cocky self warm after last night's workout.

Which was too bad. Because, though it was wasn't particularly cold or rainy, it was ridiculously windy. And after 25 minutes of cardio and 1o minutes of stretching, and 30 minutes of lifting my formerly cocky, sweaty self was pretty cold each time that wind started to blow.

Yesterday was also the first "bad" workout. Bad meaning I was in a bad mood and had a bad attitude. I'd been counting on the endorphin rush of my workout giving me a bit of a pick-me-up, but the crazy guy who pretended to fake puke on me as I walked to the gym canceled that out. Thanks crazy guy.

Bonus Workout[?]: Walking to the gym instead of taking the Streetcar [but only because Mr. Fake Puker held me up enough that I missed it].


erica said...

who fake pukes on people? crazy guy.

Haley said...

With the mood I was in [dark and stormy] that guy was lucky I was so stunned by what he'd done. Crazy guy.

PS. Hi. Love you. Miss you. Sent you letters.

Zoë said...

hi haley! so, you don't me, at all. but my name is Zoë. i'm 17 and i grew up in PA but now i randomly live in california as of two weeks ago. crazy what God does! but anyway, i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate you. you are beautiful, inside and out. i've spent quite a bit of my evening reading your blog posts (this is just posted on a random one) and i've just been so encouraged and uplifted and praising the Lord for you! i am just so super excited to be getting to know (in a weird sort of way) a sister of mine in Christ! God has used so many of your words to speak to me tonight, so let's just praise Him! seriously, i'm so thankful. and it cracks me up all the funny little things we have in common: 1. encouragement. yes. YES. love it. it's one of my main things too! 2. running. 3. loving the rain. 4. making thankful lists. there are just so many things! i know this is kind of weird, but i just wanted to let you know that God is using you to touch hearts that you would never even guess. have a beautiful weekend! <3