Apr 27, 2009

day 25: peaceful persistance

Went to the pool on Saturday morning and had it almost entirely to myself. It was heaven. I felt all wrapped up and cozy as I moved through the water, pushing my muscles for the first time in a week. The cold air on my heels as they broke through the surface of the water, hearing the water splash, loving the burning feeling in my lungs as they insisted on more air, and finally arriving at the end of the pool out of breath for the first time in seven days.

I did a little more than a mile and then spent some time stretching in the water which was such a treat as my legs have been too sore to support my body weight on land. I think I stretched for almost 20 minutes. I left the pool refreshed and encouraged. Maybe all this recovery will be worth it.

Bonus Workout[?]: Excited [and admittedly girlish] giggling and freaking out as a friend and I [who is on SocialWorkout but will remain nameless to protect her innocence] enjoyed popcorn with sweet pimenton and kosher salt and watched "Twilight" [again].

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