Apr 7, 2009

day 6: i thought the exercise would be the hard part

So one of the reasons I signed up for this challenge was because I figured writing about exercise would push me as a writer. Good news, I was correct. I've thought about writing this blog since I finished my three mile run along the Portland waterfront in the beautiful 70+ degree weather yesterday in 28:34. I remember being sporadically inspired with fluid phrases and witty anecdotes, but I guess Anne Lamott was right when she said, "Just because something is important doesn't mean you'll remember it. "

Here is the good news about all of this:
I am writing anyway.
My run yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and ENCOURAGING.

Up until taking my watch along with me for my run, something I imagined I would ALWAYS do when I first purchased the watch but that rarely actually happens, I always figured I ran faster on the treadmill [on which I've lately kept a fairly steady 10 minute mile pace]. Much to my surprise I discovered ACTUALLY run faster outside. Okay, okay. This was only one day with my watch and exact mileage versus I don't even know how many days without my watch and exact mileage. But still. I felt pretty awesome. Even if it's only under 10:00 by 16 seconds, I'm still happy.

Bonus Workout: Sprinted for the bus AGAIN. Realized, while sprinting for the bus, that I am not stretching enough.


erica said...

you're such an inspiration. seriously. i admire you.

Haley said...

Thank you so much. I sort of can't believe I've agreed to do this challenge.