Apr 20, 2009

day 18: not as young as i used to be

Wow. Saturday was wonderful and painful. PUFF [Portland Ultimate Frisbee Federation] hosted an ultimate frisbee clinic for women on Saturday. Tons of fun, tons of women, tons of running, cutting, drills, catching, throwing.

And TONS of sore muscles. Almost everything above my knees and below my abs hurts. I am hobbling around like an arthritic 70-year-old. BUT my commitment to the BOWC, to Ultimate, and to the half marathon I signed up for on Friday [Sauvie Island Foot Traffic Flat, July 4 2009] has stayed strong. I am on a strict regimen of RICE. I have purchased both Tiger Balm [feel the burn!] and Traumeel [another homeopathic, less fragrant than Tiger Balm] and am applying them at regular intervals.

Bonus Workout[?]: Any and all walking I did after the clinic ended.

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