Apr 2, 2009

day 2: glad i have a gym membership

I've always wanted to be one of those people who just exercises without thinking about it. I listen to how they went backpacking all weekend, and then biked to and from work, and instead of meeting with a client at a coffee shop or restaurant they went running as they discussed the upcoming quarter. I am NOT that person.

That said, I do LOVE to be active, love to exercise. I played this game called "Imagine if..." at my last job. The game cards ask the players to imagine if a selected player were in a given scenario and then choose how that selected player would behave. I was the selected player and my co-workers were asked to "Imagine if Haley could only do one thing in the morning, she would..."
a. Drink a large cup of coffee.
b. Sleep until the last moment possible.
c. Work out.
d. Eat a big breakfast.
e. I don't actually remember what e. was, but you get the idea.
Almost everyone chose c. and it is a fairly accurate assessment. Surprisingly enough, I do choose exercise over coffee and breakfast...but only because I know both await shortly after the exercise ends.

Okay, by now you're wondering what on earth this has to do with the BOWC...me too. Here is the point, I have to consciously fit exercise into my daily routine. It does not just happen for me the way it seems to for others; therefore, I am thankful for my gym membership and said gym's close proximity to my office. At 5:30PM* today that is where you will find me.

*Yes, I know the question dealt with my morning routine, but my current job requires I get to the office earlier than my last one did.

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