Apr 3, 2009

day 3: all over the place

Went to the gym last night after work. I find that if I change into my workout clothes BEFORE I get to the gym I'm more ready to hit it when I walk through the doors, and I actually believe it when the despondent gym employee tells me to "have a great work out."

My plans for exercise were modified when I walked in and saw a good friend on the treadmill. I'd been planning on a good hard 2o minutes on the rowing machine [intervals] and then some strength training that included Runner's World's preventative knee injury exercises. Instead I opted for a 40 minute power walk with an incline [made slightly MORE challenging by the steady stream of chatter coming out of my mouth], and then my friend and I did abs and a bit of arms.

Bonus workouts [?]: Sprinting to catch the bus yesterday morning on my way to work while carrying my gym bag; Sprinting to catch the streetcar on my way to the gym while carrying my gym bag.

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