Apr 3, 2009

day 3.5: a little preplanning

Friday is always the day that it is easiest to listen to the excuses:
"You stayed up so late last night, you deserve to take today off."
"It's Friday, who works out on Friday?"
"You have plans after work, there's just no time."
...ad infinitum.

This week I chose to be proactive. On March 31 I asked a friend from the office [who is also participating in the BOWC] if she wanted to walk at lunch on Friday. Take that Friday excuses! I've got a plan, I've scheduled it in. You got...NOTHIN'!

We took brisk walk up and down Portland's beautiful park blocks for 41 minutes and 35 seconds. It was, perhaps, the perfect Friday workout. It gave us a chance to wake ourselves up, shake off Thursday night's exhaustion [why does all the best TV / book reading / knitting happen on Thursday, why!?], and return refreshed and ready to power through to the awaiting weekend.

Bonus workout[?]: Lugged four bags with me to work, but refused to run as overactive imagination produced images of broken handles and bags being dragged the remaining blocks to the office.

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