Apr 29, 2009

day 28: it's called circle swim

You know how we have these rules for which side of the road you drive on? Have you ever thought about how efficient that concept is [ignoring, of course, the inefficiencies of fossil fuel]? Wanna know something cool? Swimmers have a similar system. It's what allows swim teams to have 50+ people swimming in the pool at a time. We like to call it "Circle Swim" because you swim in a circle. Well, it's really more of an ellipse. And just like driving in the U.S. you swim on the right side of the lane at all times. It's SO convenient. And NO ONE in the pool at my gym ever does it. The space planning for the pool was really poorly designed, it's only two lanes wide but could EASILY be made into four. So you have four people in the pool and all of a sudden people wanting to swim think they have to wait for a someone else to leave because apparently there is only room for four people. Whatever. CIRCLE SWIM AND WE CAN HAVE A POST SWIM PARTY WITH ALL THE PEOPLE WE'LL FIT IN THE POOL.

Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, I went swimming yesterday. Eighteen hundred yards of non-circle swimming ridiculousness.

Bonus Workout[?]: More packing and going up and down stairs with boxes. UGH.

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rebs. said...

i love/hate circle swimming. i am always the one causing head on collisions because i can not seem to stay on my side.
there are so many connections with swimming and driving.