Apr 9, 2009

day 8: shiney new things

Went over to Adidas yesterday after work to pick up new cleats [Adidas Predator Absolution] for the impending--I mean upcoming Spring Ultimate Season. [Gulp] My running shoes have been on the outs for a while as well [realized I've had them since February...2008] so I picked up new adiSTAR Rides, a pair of soccer shorts [don't want to ruin my running shorts laying out for some disc about to land in the middle of a mud puddle] , and a new pair of socks. All in all a very successful trip.

With new shorts, socks and running shoes on, and new cleats in my bag, I headed to the gym. Having missed the Nike Running Club meeting time I hopped on the treadmill to run the same three miles I would have run with the Nike folks. During my run I learned several things:
1. I hate running on treadmills without my headphones.
2. I like talking to someone when I run.
3. I do not appreciate it when smokers run next to me.

I was surprised by how much I disliked running on the treadmill. For quite some time that's been where I run. I love running outside, but lack of a running partner keeps me on the treadmill. In the few short weeks I've been running with the running club I've been spoiled. Good news, even with the nasty smoker stench, lack of music and lack of running buddy [by the way, running buddy I missed you], my attitude was VAST improvement over Tuesday's. I even made it upstairs and did some abs and arms.

Bonus Workout[?]: Shivering in my new shorts while I waited for the bus.

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