Nov 28, 2007

I love knitting

I just finished a scarf for a good friend and I love it.  It's beautiful for several reasons.
1. I love the yarn I've used [Rapture, it's a blend of natural fibers...I can't remember what they are now, but it's divine.]
2. It's a new pattern that is asymmetrical and involves a cable pattern.
3. It's the first pattern I've really used and followed.
4. I'm going to block it tonight which means that I get to learn a new knitting skill.

I also, in the process of learning how to block, discovered two websites that proved fairly helpful and I want to further investigate and see if they really are as wonderful as they seem.  For the knitting inclined [SJ and Eri Sue] here they are: Knitty, an online knitting magazine and Knitting Help, a website that offers exactly what it says with videos in both the English and Continental styles of knitting.

I love it.  I love knitting.  I'm going to The Yarn Place after work today.  Speaking of work I should probably get back to it....


sj said...

oh, i love knitting too. it is so peaceful. you should bring a project up this weekend. are you guys still planning on making the drive up here?

can't wait for another date with you and erica!!!! we should plan it soon.

great seeing you this weekend even though so brief...i look forward to getting to know you more and more. i know it takes time, but i wish that it just if all history was already there and we all just 'knew' know what i mean?

Haley said...

YES! We are planning on coming up. I'm so excited! And I'm knitting more projects and perhaps biting off more than I can chew, but that's just how I roll. How I roll?! Apparently so...

I totally know what you mean about just wanting to KNOW the history. It is fun watching it slowly unfold though too...sometimes.