Mar 1, 2009


I think that by now most of you who read my ramblings already know this, but in case you don't, I moved. FINALLY. I moved to Portland. Not just the Portland area which really meant living in Vancouver with my parents. But really moved to Portland.

I am living in a house, subletting a room while the home's owner and room's occupant is in Guatemala with his girlfriend enjoying The WWOOF program and the rest of the wonderful things Guatemala has to offer.

I have two roommates and a cat. I see the cat more than I see my roommates, and I clean the house more than I see my roommates.

The house is in a great location. My roommates, though not as clean as I might like, are very nice. The cat, named Bunny, is crazy and sleeps on my bed every night. The entire experience has instilled in me an enormous desire to find my own place and fill it with roommates I love, art we all enjoy, and clean every Saturday.

The house also has a mailbox. If you would like something from you to arrive in said mailbox here is my address:
Haley Cloyd
3630 SE 37th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

I [almost] always write back.


lizzyashby davidaaron said...

coming over for dinner tonight..

that soup just sounded too yummy and I miss the rain.

and your face.

Haley said...

There's plenty left over. Can't wait to sit across the table from you.

We'll watch "The Last Unicorn."

K.J.H. said...

and listen to adventures in odyssey tapes as we fall asleep to the rain...

Haley said...


Also, do you remember when every summer we HAD to camp outside on the lawn at least one night?