Mar 31, 2009

peas in a pod

I love these two. Clare. Lizzy. They are amazing. The best. Two of my best and closest friends. We are all related in some way or another, but really I'm pretty sure God made us triplets and then gave us to different mothers because He knew that finding our way back into each others lives was part of what would make us so close.

At a time when my life feels BEYOND crazy, these two ground me and understand me when I feel like I'm floating off into space speaking anything but coherently. Even though we live in different states, have different jobs, different relationship statuses, somehow our lives overlap just enough that we totally get it. Lizzy can call me upside down and empty and I get it. I can email Clare devastated and lonely and she gets it. Clare calls just needing to hear the voice of someone who loves her and we get it.

It is SO GOOD to get and to be gotten.

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