Mar 16, 2009


I have been longing for community. Close-knit, like a warm sweater made from Malabrigo's kettle dyed merinos. Inviting and familiar, like a favorite coffee shop on Saturday morning, or a favorite book with bent page corners and a creased spine. Safe and warm, like a bed with cozy sheets and a thick down comforter. And authentic, like something so genuine it is without simile.

I am, after moving away from just such a community 290 days ago [has it really been that long dear friends?], finally starting to find, create and build that here, in my old / new hometown. And it is GOOD. Good in an "and it was good" God creating the universe sort of way. I mean, I am most certainly NOT God, but this community, these people are surely gifts from Him. These people, though not many, are incredible. Some are new friends, recently discovered. Others are old, and we are slowly learning how we fit into each others lives again.

The process is beautiful, painful, breathtaking, and arduous. But most of all it is worth it. Because I do not just believe we were created for community, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were created to be in community with one another from our first breath to our last. And, as someone who loves her community fiercely, passionately, loyally, it is GOOD to be part of one again.


erica said...

that is so good to hear friend. i mean, i still miss you terribly but i'm so glad that you're finding community right where you are. xo.

Haley said...

Thank you so much. And I, of course, still miss you terribly. I wanted so badly to sit with you over coffees [maybe decaf or chai for you] and tell you all about it!