Mar 30, 2009

life plans

A texting conversation with Lizzy:

Me: What on earth am I doing with my life?

Lizzy: Waiting

Me: Today I am discouraged by all the waiting.

Lizzy: Understandable

Me: Can you fix it?

Lizzy: What can you change this week?

Me: Actively praying about my next step, not just when I'm overwhelmed.*

Lizzy: What can you physically do that would make you feel better? Spend an evening at a restaurant with friends, go to Powell's and dream, etc?

Me: Go to the gym. Dreaming I think is a good idea as well. It's weird to think about something was so assuredly going to happen...and then it doesn't.

Lizzy: I thought I was going to marry Jason for sure. So so so glad I was wrong.

Me: Very good point. So much good has come from things I wanted not happening. Maybe this is another one of those times.

Me: Also, I am going to blog our conversation. Is it okay if I include what you said about Jason?

Lizzy: Absolutely. I don't think he reads your blog. :)

Me: Ha. Good point. Some days it's so easy to see that this is part of the plan. Today doesn't feel like one of those days.

Lizzy: I'm exhausted too. Mentally and emotionally

Me: See, you're really who I want to meet up with and have time with this week.

*While I will be actively praying about all of this, prayer being my answer to her question was a total cop-out/BS answer, and Lizzy knew it. Man, I love her.


lizzyashby davidaaron said...

my heart is happy..

I love you too.

And I love texting you every day.


Haley said...

I just texted you about your comment.