Jul 20, 2010


After yesterday's mini-meltdown about not being able to run the half and being worried I wouldn't be ready to run the full, I was in the midst of venting to Kathy when I got an email from Kelly on dailymile*. If I was still on the fence about running the full, that email clinched it for me. Here were a few of Kelly's reasons:
  1. You still have 12 weeks! That's plenty of time to get up to speed. I can help you with any training questions you have. We can also look for a training group in Portland.
  2. There is no foul in walking. My mom did her first marathon walking the entire thing. She was the last to finish, but came in with tears in her eyes and a huge smile on her face. We can come up with a plan so that you walk every 15 minutes and still finish this thing.
  3. Run to the nearest bar after 13.1. If you're not feeling good after 13.1, let's share a pint at the nearest bar. No pressure!
  4. We'll be there to help you through it.
  5. It's gonna feel really good to cross that finish line. One of the best feelings in the world.
He also suggested running in costume, but all I can think is how shrivelly it would feel to run in something other than running clothes. :)

Portland Marathon, here I come.

*Shameless plug: if you're not on dailymile yet, you need to fix that, stat!


Kathy said...

YES! Huge smile. Literally - Ken's looking at me funny cause it's so big. I think I made him jealous.

Haley said...

Maybe Ken's just looking at you funny cause he's funny looking.

Thanks for all your encouragement!

Sarah Asay said...

Yay!! That's super encouraging. Encourages me too, because my body felt so torn up after the 1/2 marathon that I feel like I'll never run well again but I love this plan!

Haley said...

Dude, you can totally do it! I mean...we get tshirts. ;)