Jul 8, 2010

thankful on a really hot thursday

I know even I, the perpetual lover of rain, got to a point just a few weeks ago where I was tired of the consistent precipitation. And I knew this would happen. I knew that as soon as it got above 85 degrees I would start complaining. But you know what? This is a THANKFUL day, so that is what I am choosing to focus on.
  1. A long weekend away with the lovely Kathy Simpson. It was long overdue and every minute was absolutely wonderful.
  2. Strapless dresses and strappy sandals.
  3. Ice cubes and ice cold water.
  4. Living water that never runs dry.
  5. The proximity of my house to a fantastic gelato place.
  6. My uncle Peter has gained four pounds even as he is in the midst of chemo and radiation for esophageal cancer.
  7. Good Southern comfort food.
  8. A good summer read.
  9. My fourth Avett Brothers concert NEXT weekend!
  10. His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my ways.
I'm off to stick my toes (and the rest of me) in a tub full of cold water and watch a movie. Loves.

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