Jul 30, 2010

thankful on a—what the heck it's friday already!?

TIME FLIES. And folks, I have so much to do before I leave for TWO WEEKS OF VACATION on Monday. Really, I shouldn't even be writing this. I should be printing out documents for Board packets and sorting through my inbox, then I have to send this massive email [which still needs some edits btw], and don't even get me started on all the qualitative data I've got to quantify. And that's just today at work. WHEW. Why isn't the coffee ready yet?

If I'm so busy, why the blog? Because you gotta pause. Because I have to pause. I have to stop, close my eyes, and take a breath. Otherwise I will go crazy. So this is my pause.

This Thursday Friday, I am thankful.
  1. For an empty office so I can turn the music up and get stuff done in my own crazy way.
  2. A run with a friend after work that is guaranteed to clear my head and bring me down from a ten to a two.
  3. Cool mornings and warm summer evenings.
  4. Homemade sushi and honesty.
  5. The familiarity of home away from home.
  6. Thirteen days away from the office...the last time I did that I was unemployed.
  7. Getting to see Nish in person. [Squee!]
  8. The beeping of the office coffee pot, it's not french press, but it's found its way into my heart.
  9. A southern feast cooked for family.
  10. Running eight miles when I didn't think I'd make it more than five.
  11. His patience with me when I make time for everything and everyone but Him.

Much love friends. Now it's time to go kick this to list apart!


Sarah Asay said...

woo hoo!! tackle that list!

Haley said...

Workin' hard!