Jul 26, 2010

CB10: one week

Here I am, all set to write about how there's one week until CB10 and now I have Bare Naked Ladies "One Week" stuck in my head. Whatever.

One week until:
  • Speed Scrabble
  • Ten Thousand
  • Sleepy Monk Coffee consumed AT their coffee shop
  • Beach gifts
  • Toe Rock
  • Gin yer hert be cauld I canna warm ye
  • Alright, everyone grab four pieces of wood
  • Laughing until we cry
  • Crying until we laugh
  • Three generations
  • Jokes years in the making
  • The familiarity of a little twin bed shoved close to the window
One week until Windwhistle.*

[Pronounced Whhindwhhistle.]

1 comment:

LAC & NJG said...

I love you more than life. And this post is the reason I can keep going, because i know soon i will be engulfed with my family.