Jan 28, 2009

her morning elegance

I was made aware of this beautiful piece of creativity after reading Reb's most recent blog post. I have been listening to it over and over all day. I have been sneaking glances at it in between projects.

It makes me dream of love, makes me long for love.

It makes me wish I was surrounded by yarn instead of files, makes me wish I had paintbrushes in my hands instead of a keyboard under my fingers.

It makes me want to nest, makes me want to create.

It makes me want to surround myself with sweet music, beautiful people, and lovely things.

It makes me want to have you over for tea and scones while the rain drops fall and time passes by, deliciously sweet, as it can only pass for those who understand the precious dreams written in each others hearts.


rebekkah said...

you are such a beautiful person. i love how you were able to describe this in a way i would not have been able to. i love you!!

Haley said...

You are so sweet, Rebs!

Thank you my dear. I would not have seen the video if you hadn't posted your beautiful blog.

I love YOU!

Fifty Two Weekends said...

I just watched that video and cried.

Haley said...

Don't you LOVE it??

I think it's so beautiful!