Feb 6, 2009

dreary and tired

It is dreary out today. And I am tired.

I think most of this tiredness would go away if I could just enjoy this dreary day the way it is meant to be enjoyed: outside, wearing rainboots, stomping through puddles, with a hot cup of cocoa waiting at the end.

When my sister Lauren and I were little we would go outside and play in the rain together. We had this idea that if we were soaking wet enough our mom would make us hot chocolate. So as we made our way home, no matter how wet we were from playing in the rain, we would stop under trees and take turns shaking water from the leaves onto one another. We would find hedges and roll along them, attempting to absorb as much water into our already wet clothes as we could.

Sometimes we got hot chocolate. Sometimes we didn't. I wonder why we didn't just ask if we could have some.


erica said...

i love this post.

rainy days make me think of you.

Haley said...

Your posts about your family photos inspired it actually.

LAC & NJG said...

Oh my sister, this is one of my absolute favorite memories! I love you, I love the rain, and I love hot chocolate. Next time we see eachother (spring break), mission rainy day is on!

lizzyashby&davidaaron said...

Did you ever go down with me into the valley and play runaways in the rain? With a pack and all? Cause I remember my mom made me and katie get undressed in the FREeZING COLD garage so we wouldn't get the house muddy... and how long does it take to get warm after that...

I miss those 4 little girls

Rosemary said...

it's raining here too Co. but too humid for hot chocolate.

miss you.