Jan 15, 2009

santa cruz, l + c, and sunshine

I had the chance to go to Santa Cruz this last weekend to celebrate two of my friends getting married. It was wonderful, and amazing, and sunny, and full of time with places I love and have missed. Most importantly though it was filled with PEOPLE I love and miss.

I spent Friday mostly by myself enjoying [too much] coffee from Verve, tacos from the Palomar taco bar, and the sights and sounds of downtown Santa Cruz. I'd forgotten about all the drum circles and impromptu jam sessions that take place on all available street corners and benches, and what a willing audience they find in the folks that stroll along Pacific. I also ran into [a.k.a. total divine appointment] to Kim Brunenger at Verve. I was starting my third cup of coffee and just on my way out when I saw her. It was...a gift really. Our conversation was an incredible introduction to my weekend in Santa Cruz.

Lacy and Christian's wedding was the impetus for my trip, and it was such a beautiful celebration of their love and commitment to each other. Highlights from the wedding:
Chance [Lacy's nephew, the ring bearer] walking dejectedly down the aisle pulling faces at every camera trying to get a decent picture of him in a six year old sized tux.
The look on Christian and Lacy's faces when they saw each other at opposite ends of the church as she walked down the aisle to him.
The vows they wrote for each other.
Communion AND footwashing.
Lacy's beautiful song/toast for Christian. Over half of the words were "I love you" and she belted them out beautifully, unashamed to proclaim her love for him to any and everyone who would listen.
The look on Christian's face as Lacy sang to him, you could tell there was no one else in the room.

Saturday was a whirlwind. Coffee and breakfast with Rebs. Lunch with Hannah and a nap on their couch that saved my life. A walk in 70 degree weather along West Cliff with Smarsh. Dinner at Malabar with Jody. It was a day full of hugs, laughter, and love. I could not have asked for a more perfect Saturday.

Sunday was coffee with Amy, Genesis, and old friends I've missed so much. [Nancy Broxton, I am talking about YOU my dear!] It was such a gift to hear Charlie teach in person rather than with earbuds shoved in my ears on the bus as I do with the Genesis podcasts. Then Charlie Hong Kong's with Jamie and Adrian...LOVE them!

The entire weekend was made wonderfully bittersweet by the physical absence/emotional presence of the Stubblefields. They were down south for a different wedding and were so generous with their home [where I stayed] and their car [which I drove]. They provided me with a place to be quiet and to process all the emotions that went along with visiting my old home.


Fifty Two Weekends said...

I've got a J in my heart about this.

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Haley said...

52: It was quite lovely actually. Wish you'd been there so I could've spun you 'round the dance floor.

erica: xoxo.