Jan 17, 2009

oh my gosh! it's eight o'clock!

I was never much for sleeping in. Even when I was a teenager. Sure, I had my days where I managed to sleep till 10:00 or even 11:00. There may have even been a day or two where I actually woke up when the post meridian hours, but those few instances were usually due to my staying up until 3:00 or 4:00.

After a week full of falling asleep after 23:00 [11:00PM] and mornings of my alarm waking me before 5:30, it was delightful to know there would be no semi-melodic-bad-90s-synth music coming from my phone at hours too early for pretty faces to be awake. Instead I fell asleep to "Arrested Development" next to my wonderful sister Clare.

Really, she is delightful and one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, and also one of my favorite bed buddies. When we [both] still lived at home we had separate rooms, but frequently ended up having mid-week sleep overs. It was something our parents would not have allowed with any other friend because it was a school night, but we were sisters, so it was like a loophole.

Last night after a long work week I huffed it over to the train station dragging my too-full suitcase, laptop and purse. One on time [for once], three and a half hour train ride later my lovely sister met me at the King Street Train Station in Seattle, Washington. There were hugs, love, Arrested Development, and we even managed to sleep in until the beautiful hour of 8:00.

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