Jan 15, 2009


I am very particular, when given the option, about the mug from which I drink my coffee [and maybe about a few...okay more than a few other things]. There was a time when Genesis had a large bin full of old mugs. The Genesis family members could drink their Sunday morning coffee from those mugs instead of using styrofoam, and later paper, cups. I had a favorite mug in those days. I used to keep it at my desk during the week because I enjoyed drinking from it so much.

Then one day it disappeared. I was sad, but in the chaos of packing to leave I didn't think too much about it. And it saved me the guilt I would have felt if I'd taken the mug as a souvenir. I discovered later that one of those near and dear to me had a similar thought and kept if for herself in memory of me and my love for it:

That would be Mrs. Erica Sue Stubblefield, folks. I remember discovering her thievery after leaving California and being so touched.

This last weekend while staying at her house I went to the cupboard to find the perfect mug for tea [throat coat in particular because I did so much talking with friends my throat was sore]. I had completely forgotten that she had the mug at her house and was so excited to revisit it. I used it for all my beverages that weekend. I even took a commemorative picture:

Yes. It is [almost] exactly like Erica's. Yes. That is on purpose.

I love you friend, in all your thievery. And even though Santa Cruz was lonely without you, this mug helped keep my metaphorical cup very full.


mrs. erica sue stubblefield said...

yes!! i love this!!

and for the record, i left another perfectly good mug at the church in this one's place. i prefer to think of it as not so much "stealing" as it was "trading".

Haley said...

Then you are a better person than I because I was just going to take it.

I sat in front of your computer taking a ton of pictures trying to get it just right. Only when I was posting it did I realize we were holding the mug in different hands.