Oct 21, 2010

thankful on a thursday—His bride

These past few weeks have been amazing, so full of joy, love and excitement. These past few days have been challenging, full of doubt, fear and worry. In the midst of this doubt, fear and worry, He reminds time and time again that I am His. He reminds me that He is GOOD, that He is TRUSTWORTHY, that He is FAITHFUL.

I bathe my heart in the Truth of His Word. I soak in the richness of His promises. I drink deeply from the well that NEVER runs dry. I look up, an unworthy bride, into the eyes of the most faithful and loving Bridegroom I could ever hope to wed. He pulls back my veil and cups my face with His hands as His love washes over me with such force that, were He not holding me, I would surely be knocked backward.

I don't understand how all of this works. I don't have a map. I don't know where He is leading me. But I want to be led on HIS path, on the journey HE has prepared. I am not the one setting the course. I am the one along for the ride. And it's risky. There are no guarantees, but I trust Him. I trust that my Bridegroom will lead me safely through whatever we encounter. I trust that He will never let me go.

Today, friends, I am so very thankful.
  1. His love NEVER fails.
  2. The willing ears and reassuring words of good friends.
  3. The way the sunrise never fails to remind me that His mercies are new every morning.
  4. A week of autumn sunshine.
  5. One last day without rain means one last day in sandals.
  6. New races on the calendar and a friend to train with.
  7. He is always interceding for me.
  8. One way or another, the risk is worth it.
  9. Waking up with a peaceful spirit two days in a row.
  10. Watching my high schoolers act out Ruth 3 last night was priceless.

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