Oct 29, 2010

fabulous friday video goodness—sometimes you need some sugar

I bought the new Taylor Swift album this week. And I love it. Even if she is a little crazy. I also realized that I love the song "Dear John" [which is apparently about her dating John Mayer. EW.] because it reminds me of this new song we've been singing in church called "Yahweh." Which is kind of weird. But it's the truth. I enjoy the video for "Mine" because it's cute and sweet. And because it makes me think of Rosemary. [Hi Co!]

Please to enjoy some sugary sweetness.


Sarah Asay said...

i LOVE this song but i've never seen the video. makes me love it even more. sugarfest!

Haley said...

I know, super cute, huh?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Christmas commercials Pomplamoose has been doing? I think of you every time I see one.