Dec 9, 2010

thankful on a thursday—i'm back?

It's been a while. And there are reasons. And I've got an unpublished post or two that discusses those reasons. But instead of waiting until they're ready (translation: until I feel comfortable posting them on the interwebz) I'm just going to tell you that this Thursday I am very thankful. I'm also going to tell you that I have missed these weekly pauses where I reflect and am thankful.

  1. Lizzy and Ashby are here and spending the night with me tonight.
  2. The joy and beauty that seems to explode whenever Ashby smiles, laughs, babbles, basically whenever she does anything.
  3. The rain that's pouring down outside and the way it reminds me of the way He washes me clean.
  4. There is beauty in the broken mess of life.
  5. The broken messiness of life is even more beautiful and wonderful when we invite others into our own broken mess.
    **Excuse me while I go repeat that to myself while looking in a mirror.**
  6. I am His beloved and He is mine.
  7. Twitter's direct message feature and the conversations that take place behind the scenes.
  8. Going to my first, but not last, NFL game and seeing the Seahawks WIN!
  9. Tattoo Friday.
  10. When He looks at me, I am holy and blameless before Him because of the incomprehensible sacrifice of my Savior. I do not understand it, but I cannot deny that I have done NOTHING to deserve this gift, and I cannot deny my gratitude at the enormity of this gift.


erica said...

i particularly love this thankful list. you're amazing. i cannot wait to see you for real in person. yay.

Sarah said...

I am thankful for you and for getting to see your beautiful face a few days ago. love and hugs

Haley said...

Thank you both. A lot.

Erica Sue: I cannot wait to see you forrealinperson. I love you very much, friend.

Sarah: I am thankful for YOU. Seeing you was fantastic. Although I'd prefer that 2.5 years not pass between our next cup of coffee. :)