Oct 8, 2010

thankful on a thursday friday—free

He wants me to be free. He wants me to live in freedom. He wants me to rest with Him, trusting, knowing that with Him all things are possible, with Him there is nothing worth worrying about.

His freedom is like nothing else I know—and there is so much more to learn than the little I know of His freedom. His rest is imbued with a peace that passes all understanding.

I rest, knowing that He is the one steering this ship. I rest, knowing that I am His beloved and that nothing, literally nothing, can separate me from His endless Love.

I rest at His side, curious about the course He has plotted for our journey, trusting Him to guide us there safely. If the waters grow choppy, or a storm blows in, at His side, under His protection is exactly where I want to be. It is in this place, by His side, that I am free.

  1. This peace that fills me, washes away my anxiety, and reminds me of His goodness.
  2. Kathy is running the marathon with me on Sunday!
  3. The encouragement of friends and family as I get closer and closer to my first 26.2.
  4. Skype date with Erica Sue, that was one of the best hours ever!
  5. Seeing the beautiful Miss Emrie Kent, all sleepy and silly.
  6. New, soft merino yarn, waiting to be knitted into a slouchy beanie.
  7. God's timing is perfect.
  8. My Portland peeps.
  9. An evening walk in the Pearl, complete with beautiful sunset.
  10. I am my beloved's and He is mine.

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