Sep 2, 2010

thankful on a thursday—sweepy-tired

Dudes. I am tired. SO tired. And hungry. Always hungry. All of the running is making me very tired and very hungry. I'm pretty sure I was hungry all day today. Until tonight when I made myself rice, pinto beans and eggs, and topped them with cheese and tomatoes. Now I am not hungry, but my eyelids are oh so very droopy. So, it being just a wee bit past ten o'clock, I'm going to get on with my gratitude and then hit the hay.
  1. A cozy, comfy bed to crawl in every night.
  2. The upcoming three-day weekend.
  3. When my folks go out of town, they always let me borrow their car while they're gone.
  4. The opportunity to see yet another EPIC Avett Brothers show.
  5. Quiet evenings at home.
  6. A surprise visit from Lizzy, Margie, and Ashby.
  7. This morning's sunrise, and the reminder that He makes all things new.
  8. Hanging out with my high schoolers twice in one week.
  9. There is food in the refrigerator and on the shelves.
  10. Being made aware of my struggle to trust Him, and the way that brings me closer to Him.

Good night my friends. Much love.

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