Sep 17, 2010

fabulous friday video goodness—bet on it

I'll admit it, I'm a fan of the High School Musical movies. I'm a fan for a number of reasons.
  1. Back when I lived in California, one of the students in the high school ministry remade this video out on the golf course behind her parents' house. It was hilarious.
  2. Just before school ended in May, we had an all girls High School Musical Movie Marathon for the Imago youth group. It was amazing.
  3. It reminds me of Smarsh and zooming out of the parking lot at TLC for some afternoon adventure or another (lunch, coffee, errands).
  4. They are campy and there's something wholesome (and completely unrealistic) about them that seems to be so contrary to what mainstream media throws at high schoolers (because it errs on the side of innocence rather than promiscuity).
So in honor of my HSM fandom and my wee crush on Zac Efron that I don't want to talk about because he's 22 and I am 28 and the memories it evokes, here are a few of my favorite songs:


Anonymous said...

I LOVE HSM! Didn't we have HSM ringtones at one point? ("I can't dance...I know you can...Not a chance...") I loved playing the songs and singing along with you! =)


Haley said...

Oh, we most definitely did! I might have to upload those to my new phone...