Aug 19, 2010

thankful on a thursday—all over the place

Today I feel all over the place. Almost every item on my to do list is only partially completed [except for planning my outfit for tonight, that I finished around midnight last night]. As soon as I start something I am distracted by some other thing, partially done, sitting on my desk asking me, "but what about me? Aren't you going to finish me?"

Perhaps it's because there really is too much to do. Maybe it's the Stumptown latte coursing through my veins. More likely it's trying to do everything all at once.

In the midst of the excitement of seeing a dear friend, attending what is sure to be an EPIC Lady Gaga concert, getting back into the groove of normal life after a crazy July followed by two weeks of vacation, and processing what it means to trust, believe, and accept God's unconditional love, I find myself—my feelings, thoughts, and life—all over the place.

That's what I love about Thankful on a Thursday. I get to pause and focus. Even if the things I'm thankful for are totally random and disconnected, this exercise in intentional gratitude brings them all together.
  1. Seeing Lady Gaga in concert.
  2. Five days with my high schoolers in Southern Oregon, hiking, rafting, and swimming.
  3. All the conversations and things that took place between the hiking, rafting, and swimming.
  4. Friends to run with on my long runs for the next TWO weekends.
  5. Adventures and conversations with Katie on Sauvie Island.
  6. Belonging to a church that lives out honesty, transparency, and grace even when it is hard.
  7. A few quiet moments of gratitude and grace at His table.
  8. Lounging around on familiar furniture, beds, and beaches with family.
  9. Last night's voicemail from Erica Sue.
  10. His love is present and true no matter what.

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erica said...

YES! i made the list!! I'm so thankful for you too :)