Aug 24, 2010

a weekend away

This weekend I am going away. I will leave work on Friday, stopping by Extracto for an iced late and A Close Knit for a new set of knitting needles (square and metal and divine), before heading out along Marine Drive. Upon arriving in Glenwood, Washington I will lug my laundry, my rolling pin, my knitting, a bag of groceries and several books inside.

There are a few things on my to do list for the weekend, and I am looking forward to each of them. A weekend away with a to do list? Yeah, but check out this list:


Jody said...

Tell me how you like An Education! So glad you're getting a weekend away to yourself. You deserve it.

Haley said...

Just watched it...very well done. There's a lot to process. I kept wondering when someone was going to speak up and say, "Dude. She's SIXTEEN. How old is that guy??" Of course, they're British, so it might have gone something like, "Beg pardon, is she a wee bit young for that chap yet?"