Apr 1, 2010

thankful on a thursday

Full and empty all at the same time, that's how my mind feels tonight. Attempts to sort through my thoughts are easily derailed. I am overwhelmed by all the things on "Things to Sort Through and Figure Out" list. How do I make my way through all these thoughts? What is the best way?

Though it doesn't negate the inner confusion, gratitude provides much needed respite.
  1. Francine Rivers' vocabulary.
  2. Understanding a bit more HTML
  3. Adventures with friends.
  4. The way church lasts all day on Sunday.
  5. His incomprehensible love.
  6. The smell of freshly ground coffee.
  7. Brand new running shorts.
  8. Letters that arrive in my mailbox not my inbox.
  9. Tickets to see Lady Gaga in concert.
  10. Pictures of my lovely, sweet little niece that arrive at least daily via my phone.

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